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Smart Schools for a Smarter Planet

The Smarter Schools for a Smarter Planet program was designed to provide high school students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with hands-on experience on smart technology. During this program, researchers engaged with ten high schools in the Illawarra and conducted workshops where the concept of IoT was explained to the students. These workshops taught the students how they can build sensors and use them in real-world applications, and how they could contribute to the Smart Stormwater Management project.

The workshops also introduced the concepts of open data and open software. Each student was given the IoT development kit used during the workshop so they could keep experimenting with their schools and at home. The environmental data collected by the sensors built by the students will then be shared with the community and will also be used by the other components of the Smart Stormwater Management project.

Smarter School for a Smarter Planet also aimed at helping the high school teachers to develop their own IoT sessions through separate workshops. The project team then provided both the necessary equipment and technical support to the teachers and their schools.

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