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Over the past 50 years the Illawarra Shoalhaven has had more than 30 serious floods and three extreme floods. Floods can have devastating consequences and can affect the economy, environment and the people of our region. The Illawarra Shoalhaven region has been successful in being awarded $478,449 from the Australian Government, through its Smart Cities and Suburbs program to conduct its Smart Waterways project.

This project is a collaboration between Wollongong City Council, Shellharbour City Council, Kiama Municipal Council, Shoalhaven City Council, Lendlease Calderwood Valley Communities and SMART Infrastructure Facility, University of Wollongong. Using smart technology via the installation of sensors, data will be gathered to monitor and provide information about the region’s waterways.

The Illawarra-Shoalhaven Smart Waterways Project uses new smart technologies and data analytics to help improve water quality, flood mitigation and ensure community safety in flash flood events.

The project is delivered through seven components.

Flood Aware

a flash flood hydraulic model and sensor warning system to detect and monitor flooding around the Wollongong (LGA)

Go Flow

sensors and camera technology to identify the best time to manually open estuary entrances prior to major rainfall events

Stop Block

water level sensors, pluviometers and cameras to monitor debris build-up at the inlets to major stormwater culverts

Pollution Stop

sensors to monitor the build-up of collected rubbish in stormwater rubbish-removal traps

Smart Schools

providing workshops to schools to educate students and the community in smart water management practices

Quality Watch

water quality monitoring stations including custom technology sensors to actively monitor key water quality parameters

LoRaWAN Network

extend and augment the coverage offered by UOW-hosted Digital Living Lab Internet of Things (IoT) radio communication network

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